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    DeKalb, Illinois
  • Thursday 01:26 PM
    30th of March, 2017

    Ph. 1B Improvements Bid Results

    The Phase 1B Improvements bidding process was at 10am Today.

    The bid results can be found at the link below

    Bid Results


    2017 Hollister Avenue Demolition -

    The advertisement for bid can be found at the link below

    Advertisement for Bids

    Sanitary District Administration


    • Mark Eddington, P.E. – District Manager
    • Steve Olsen – Operations Manager
    • Mike Holland, P.E. – Assistant Manager Engineering
    • Jeanine Holcomb – Assistant to the Manager, Administration
    • Tracy Zenkner – Administrative Assistant

    Administrators for the Sanitary District are hired by the Board of Trustees and are responsible for the present operation and future growth of the treatment plant, the maintenance and improvement of the collection system and the stewardship of appropriated funds.

    Office Hours

    Administrative Office Hours are 7 A.M. until 4 P.M. and by appointment Monday through Friday at the office of the District at 303 Hollister Avenue in DeKalb, Illinois.

    The phone number to reach any of them is 815 758-3513.

    Other Personnel

    Other DSD Personnel


    • Steve Parker – District Treasurer
    • Keith Foster – Attorney for the District

    Officers are appointed yearly by the Board of Trustees at the April meeting. A schedule of meetings dates is posted.

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