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    DeKalb, Illinois
  • Thursday 01:30 PM
    30th of March, 2017

    Ph. 1B Improvements Bid Results

    The Phase 1B Improvements bidding process was at 10am Today.

    The bid results can be found at the link below

    Bid Results


    2017 Hollister Avenue Demolition -

    The advertisement for bid can be found at the link below

    Advertisement for Bids

    Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators:

    Operations Staff Duties

    The operators on duty must:

    • Monitor the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system that feeds data from plant and lift station activity to the Plant Control Room.
    • Physically walk the plant site to inspect equipment.
    • Receive calls from police, City of DeKalb staff, and residents about problems in the collection system that need attention.
    • Monitor collection of samples of influent (water coming into the plant) and effluent (water leaving the plant) for laboratory testing to assess treatment efficiency.

    The cell phone for the after-hours operator is 815 762-1933. The City of DeKalb Police Department Dispatcher (815 748-8400) also has a list of contact numbers.

    Operations Staff

    Operations Manager

    • Steve Olsen…at DSD since 1980

    Plant Operators and Collection System Personnel

    • Greg Cherry…at DSD since 1988
    • David Sieglinger…at DSD since 1999
    • Dennis Haile…at DSD since 2001
    • Steve Hiatt…at DSD since 2001
    • Dan Knaak…at DSD since 2003
    • Chris Stika…at DSD since 2005
    • James Cochrane, Jr…at DSD since 2009
    • Ben Meier…at DSD since 2009
    • Jason Robbins…at DSD since 2010
    • John Engstrom…at DSD since 2010
    • Grant Olsen…at DSD since 2015

    Laboratory Personnel

    • Allison Yates…at DSD since 2004

    Operator Certification for Public Safety

    The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency says: “Wastewater treatment systems protect public health and the environment only if they are being properly operated and maintained. The Wastewater Operator Certification Program is intended to protect public health, environmental quality, and the financial investment of wastewater facilities….Applicants for certification must meet specific experience, education, and examination requirements in order to qualify for certification.”

    All DeKalb Sanitary District operations personnel have or are working towards Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. There are four levels of certification in all, each requiring different levels of knowledge, experience and expertise.



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